Body in whiteNothing works without it

Frontend Z-bar (plastic)
Reinforcement A-pillar
Reinforced corner A-pillar
Side member attachment A-pillar
Reinforcement B-pillar
Roof frame
Roof frame A-pillar
Roof frame B-pillar
Z-Roof crossmember
Roof crossmember rear
Node D-pillar
Reinforcement drainage
Mounting bracket
Wheel bracket
Window slot reinforcement, outer
Battery tray
Bracket for door and window systems (e-coating)
Seat adapter rear (e-coating)
Closing part rear
Bracket Head-up-Display
Cover fuel tank (e-coating, sealing with foam bead)
Bracket underride guard
Bar fender
Bracket fender
Reinforcement hinge
Front bracket fender liner (e-coating)
Bracket thermostat


Because of the continuously increasing demands for light weight, safety and design in body construction and short model change cycles, car manufacturers are faced with major challenges.

We can now provide you with an integrated solution approach for these challenges with our wide range of services in our press factories, our versatile shell construction, our plastic injection moulding expertise and our partners in the surface finishing area.
The body parts are measured using modern semi-automatic and automatic testing and sorting systems.