Hinge and locking systemsunder lock and key

Striker (Side door latch)
Striker (Side door latch)
Stiker (Side door latch)
Trunk latch housing
Latch housing (Side door latch)
Back plate
Threaded plate
Retainer housing of a door holder
Retainer housing of a door holder with slider
Retaining rod (plastic coated)
Outside operating lever (Side door latch)
Operating lever (Side door latch)
Inside operating lever (Side door latch)
Swing arm
Striker (Bonnet of a commercial vehicle)
Reinforcement bonnet latch
Latch for convertible top

Hinge and locking systems

Our high-precision stamped, plastic and hybrid components and assemblies are used in both car locking systems and commercial vehicles. The required dimensional accuracy is ensured by our experienced experts in production and tool construction. 100% checking takes place using semi-automatic and automatic testing and sorting systems if required.