Surface coatingStrategic holding in Osteks GmbH

Cathodic dip coating CDC

Finish supplier Osteks GmbH can be found between the two Scheibenberg and Zwönitz sites in the Ore Mountains area.

Osteks GmbH

  • Lacquer supplier: AxaltaLacquer: Axalta AquaEC 3000
  • Product carrier2,600 mm x 900 mm x 2,000 mm, max. weight/goods carrier 900 kg or 45 m2
  • Product carrier, swivelling by ± 10 °optional adaptation to the flow speed
  • Robot-assisted foam beadSunstar Penguin Foam 3157

Cathodic dip coating

Manufacturer: Knipl

  • product carrier:
    2,600 mm x 900 mm x 2,000 mm,weight/product carrier 900 kg or 45 m2
  • lacquer supplier: Axalta
    (Lacquer: Axalta AquaEC 3000)
  • product carrier swivelling by ± 10 °
    optional flow speed adaptation for sensitive components

Robot-assisted foam bead

Robot-assisted application of 1-component PUR foam “FIPFG (formed in-place foam gaskets)” for sealing or avoiding noise
Material: Sunstar Penguin Foam 3157 / single-component polyurethane elastomer, solvent-free, heat-curing, closed-cell, flexible

Advantage compared to 2-component PU foaming:

  • Water absorption < 5% (2-component systems up to 150% water absorption), closed-cell, therefore no loss of sealing capacity in the event of damage, frost or the like
  • Soft elastic (Shore 00 hardness approx. 42), therefore very good sealing properties with even slight compression, very high resilience
  • Resistant to practically any medium used in industry

Powder coating

  •  Chain conveyor – continuous system
    part dimensions: 2700 mm x 1300 mm x 580 mm
  • Curing furnace
    Curing distance approx. 65 m
    Curing temperature 180°C.

Any questions about our technologies?

If so, make an appointment with us. Our team would be pleased support you in a personal discussion or by e-mail.

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