ManagementPassionate leadership

Reliable supplier

The Vollmann Group manufactures high-quality components made from metal and plastic for the automotive industry. The products are exactly oriented to the requirements and specifications of our customers. Vollmann is the right partner for demanding automotive suppliers for their high-quality products and product developments.

Attractive employer

The Vollmann Group is a modern industrial company, and provides its employees with a secure job in an exciting and innovative industry.  The latest technologies, continuous further developments, direct communication channels and a family-friendly corporate structure provide a varied working environment. Be it in production, administration or management: At Vollmann you have the opportunity for further development.

Regional family company

The Vollmann Group is a responsible family company with a crisis-proof tradition that goes back more than a hundred years, and the courage to go in innovative directions. As a reliable employer, we have close links to our locations, and support the regional community in cultural, sporting and social projects Not only our employees, but also cities and municipalities can rely on us.

Passionate management

The company management of the Vollmann Group

Managing Partner

Alexandra Vollmann-Müller Axel Vollmann

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Viktoria Vollmann
Thomas Erdelt

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Kai Ruhrländer

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Falko Weiß

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Tobias Bühne

Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO)

Thomas Erdelt holds a degree in business administration and began his career at Vollmann in 1989 as an employee in the lighting technology sales department. Subsequently, he took over further functions as department and division manager within the group. Since 1997, Erdelt has been a member of the management team as an authorized signatory with sole power of representation until he was appointed managing director of all operating companies of the Vollmann Group at the end of 2006.

Thomas Erdelt is married and has two sons and two daughters.

After completing his training as an industrial clerk, Kai Ruhrländer completed a part-time degree in business administration. He then worked for Ernst & Young for six years, where he passed the tax consultant exam and acquired his professional expertise in the areas of accounting, auditing and operational processes. He then spent five years in a leading position at KFC and later at aluminum producer Aleris Rolled Products.

In 2017, he joined the Vollmann Group, where he assumed the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) as an authorized signatory.

Management policy

The satisfaction of our customers is decisive for the success of our company group and its future security.  For this reason, everything that we do is based on quality.

Customer satisfaction

The success of all plants in the Vollmann Group is based on customer satisfaction Our customers set the standards for quality, adherence to deadlines, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. We always give top priority to our customers and their support in solving technical, logistical and environmentally friendly tasks and problems, because as a service provider, we acquire our customers by means of proficiency and professionalism. We achieve this level of customer satisfaction thanks to our high degree of technical expertise, above-average commitment and the personal responsibility of each individual employee. We also maintain open and active communication with all of our customers against the background of “best-in-class” service.

Employee satisfaction

Satisfied employees are the way to personal commitment, motivation, personal responsibility and loyalty to the company. We maintain and improve their qualifications by actively involving our employees in the processes by means of continuous information and training.

Environment and energy

Protection our environment and continuously improving energetic efficiency are important corporate goals for us. We are therefore committed to comply with the applicable legal framework and the requirements of our society with regard to the environment and energy. We monitor the environmental impact at regular intervals, and continuously improve our performance and our use of energy-efficient products and services. This is how we make an effective contribution to sustainable resource conservation, environmental protection and climate protection.

Legal compliance

The basis of all of our activities is adherence to all of the relevant laws, requirements and standards, as well as the binding obligations of the organization. We particularly fulfil the requirements for quality, occupational safety, information security, environmental compatibility and energy efficiency by having an active authorised agent system.

Leadership culture

Our management exemplifies our customer orientation. They actively support the management system that has been installed by identifying themselves with it, and taking responsibility for the processes thereof. Clear commitment to quality, occupational health and safety, sustainability (working conditions and human rights, health and safety, business ethics, protecting the environment and the climate, responsible procurement of raw materials and data protection) and information security is a matter of course for all managers. The management is committed to making all of the resources available which are needed to implement the requirements. An active CIP ensures that quality is continuously improved, environmental pollution is reduced and that energy efficiency is optimised.


We face up to comparisons with our competitors and the claim of maintaining our position as a market leader, particularly with regard to our key customers.

Contract partners, suppliers and service providers

We regard contract partners, suppliers and service providers as our partners, and therefore maintain an open, fair and informative communication style. We make our demands and targets known. During the selection of our long-term partnerships, we take safety, energy and environmental criteria into consideration, and also quality, technology, adherence to deadlines and price. The structural and procedural organization of the management system described in this manual are geared towards implementing this management policy and its principles.

Information security and data protection

We can only be successful if we endeavour to protect our information resources, so that the confidentiality of the information is sufficiently preserved, the integrity of the information is safeguarded in an appropriate way, and we can fulfil all of our legal, statutory and contractual obligations. All of our employees and the company management are aware of their responsibility with regard to the handling and use of IT and company information, and support the IT security strategy to the best of their ability.

Industrial safety and health protection

Health and safety are an important part of our responsibility and our business activities. We are obliged to look after health and safety, observe the relevant regulations and work instructions, and use the legally prescribed protective equipment. All managers and employees are obliged to comply with the occupational health and safety standards.

Zero defect target

We endeavour to achieve the zero defect target by maintaining and improving our management system by consistently using of reactive and preventative QA tools at every structural level. Consistently reducing the costs resulting from mistakes and defects in the manufacturing process are an elementary building block for achieving this goal.