Plastic and hybrid technologyThe finest hybrid technology

Technical details

We produce functional and visible parts using plastic and hybrid construction methods for a wide variety of applications – also using 2-component and 3-component technology and in fibre composite materials.

Another speciality is plastic coating of stamped, formed and deep-drawn parts.
The hybrid technique is an expression of our integrated approach, since it combines our core expertise of plastic injection mounding technology and metal forming.

Our extensive bandwidth of machines and systems in both plastic technology and in the metal processing area allows us to react to the continuously increasing demands for lightweight vehicle construction, safety and design.

  • 47 injection moulding machinesInjected weight of 2 - 3,100g
  • Closing force of 500 - 10,000 kNof which 2-component machines up to 5,000 kN
  • Plastic granulatePA, PP, PBT, PPS, TPE, TPU, POM
  • Thermoplastic formingPA-GMT, PP-GMT

Complex 2-component and 3-component items

Plastic injection moulding technology from 1-component to 3-component technology for small to large parts on the example of a Z strut (2-component technology), retainer housing (3-component technology) and a slider (1-component technology) – fully automated 100% monitoring by means of camera checking.

Plastic coating of stamped and formed part

The plastic coating combines our core technologies of plastic injection mounding technology and metal forming; shown here on the example of a generator carrier for the driver’s side airbag in the steering wheel.

Lightweight construction in the car using thermoplastic forming

Fibre glass-reinforced plastics (PA-GMT, PP-GMT) on the example of a head up display holder in the dashboard.

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